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The race in the pick-up segment continued to "heat up" the last few months of 2016- witnessing a series of manufacturers launching their own pick-up. We cannot be ignored Mitsubishi Triton MIVEC with the most advanced version. Japanese automaker upgraded with Diesel MIVEC engine- first appeared in Vietnam. Besides, there are some changes in the interior-exterior design and the addition of safety features to make the pick-up more modern and practical.

Impressive carrying capacity

Considering the mobility and carrying capacity, besides being a truck for urban; now, Triton with optimal size parameters and actuator systems to be upgraded are always ready to conquer difficult terrain, along with the ability to transport up to 1000 kg.Thanks to the fine-tuning of the design from a team of engineers, the Japanese pick-up  front / rear angles achieving 31/28 degree respectively, slope angle exceeds 26 degree- best top segment. Combined with dual drive system Super Select II, stronger maneuver with four different operating modes instead of three,comparing with others.Moreover, thanks to The hybrid-type Limited Slip Differential (HYBRID LSD) helps maintain optimal traction regardless on slippery surfaces or rough. Mitsubishi Triton MIVEC is optimal strength and endurance than the other competitors.

Let enjoy this video test: