What is the benefit and function of Mitsubishi genuine air-conditioning filter?

A: The air-con filter have function of air filtering, deodorizing air contaminated by pollen, mites. Genuine Mitsubishi air-con filter meets the serious standards for your vehicle to operate at the most efficient and safest.

How do you feel comfortable inside the car?

A1: As you know, air filter becomes dirty after long time of using, filtering and deodorizing function will be reduced. To keep your car in good working condition, we recommend that you replace the air filter periodically, using Mitsubishi genuine parts

A2: air conditioning system needs to be cleaned and deodorized by replacing or new installation of Mitsubishi genuine air filter. We want to let you see your car works well!

*1 year / 15,000 km

(Whichever comes first)

* For more details, refer to the service booklet

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