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Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) would like to express our gratitude to nearly 30,000 customers who have trusted and chosen XPANDER and XPANDER CROSS.

Since its launch, Mitsubishi XPANDER & XPANDER CROSS have received a warm welcome and have become one of the best-selling models[1] in the Vietnamese market. We believe that Mitsubishi XPANDER & XPANDER CROSS will continue to accompany you on an extended journey.

From 03 September 2020 to the end of 30 November 2020, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is pleased to bring to customers who own Xpander the program “REFERRING NEW MEMBERS, XPANDING HAPPINESS”.



  • Time: 03 SEPTEMBER 2020 – 30 NOVEMBER 2020
  • Location: in Vietnam

Mitsubishi Xpander owners successfully introduce new customers to buy Mitsubishi cars at authorized distributors (NPP) of Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV)

The program does not apply to owners of other car models of MMV, does not apply to employees of MMV, employees of authorized distributors, employees of agencies organizing the program.


The referrer must perform the customer introduction through the online channel at the website address  complete the requested information and submit this Online Referral Form from September 1, 2020, to the end of November 30, 2020.

After the Referral Form has been sent through the online channel, the referrer and the referee will receive an electronic Confirmation Letter for such referral.

Note: The email only confirms that the referral has been recorded, but does NOT confirm that the Referral was successful.

After receiving the referral information, MMV will call the referee to advise about the features and special offers of the products that MMV offers.

To register for a car purchase, the referee will be re-directed to an authorized distributor of MMV and enter into a car purchase contract.



A Referrer is considered valid when all of the following conditions are met:

A valid referrer is a Xpander and/or Xpander Cross car owner named on the contract or legal representative if the vehicle documents are under the company’s name.

The referrer needs to register to create an account on the program’s website at:

The valid referrer should complete the referee(s)’ information on the online referral form on the above website and send it to MMV before the date the referee signing contract at the authorized distributor.

A valid referrer needs to confirm the referee(s)’ information on the Online Confirmation Form and send it to MMV before the date the referee signing contract at the authorized distributor.

MMV will confirm information through a customer relationship management system (CRM) and a central exchange system (Call Center) to the provided phone number.

In case there are multiple referrers who refer the same new customer, MMV will base on the time of completing the MGM Form sent online to the customer data management system and based on the time the automatic reply email is sent to the Referrer.

A referrer can successfully introduce to a maximum of 5 new customers per month at the authorized distributor of MMV during the program period.


A Referee is considered valid when all of the following conditions are met:

  • Being a newly introduced customer and having no information (phone number or email) on the customer relationship management system (CRM) of MMV.
  • Customers after being introduced must purchase car at the MMV authorized distributors during the program period.
  • Being the subject in one of the following cases:
  • Being a person directly named on the contract and having information that matches the information on the introductory form sent by the Xpander car owner to MMV prior to the purchase. Or:
  • Being the legal representative of the Company that names on the contract and having the information that matches the introductory form sent by the Xpander car owner to MMV prior to the purchase.
  • In the case of the referrer’s spouse named on the contract, MMV will contact the contract owner to confirm the Xpander owner’s referral.

A referral is considered valid when all of the following conditions are met:

  • Referrer need to register for an account and complete valid information on the website of the program
  • Referral form containing the referee’s information needs to be sent online to MMV by the referrer before a purchase contract can proceed in the system.
  • The information on the Online Confirmation Form must match the information on the Referral Form and be sent in advance. The Online Confirmation Form must be submitted online by the referrer before the purchase contract proceeds in the system.
  • The referrer is required to verify that he/she understands and discloses the information as accurate as possible.
  • If the referee is referred by more than one referrer, the Successful Referral (if any) will be charged to the referrer who first submitted the Online Confirmation Form and successfully verified by the exchange.
  • The referrer will receive a discount of VND 2,000,000 (Two million Vietnam Dong), including personal income tax, for each successful referral of a new car at the authorized distributor of MMV during the program period.
  • Each referrer can successfully refer to up to 5 referees per month (as of 30 or 31 of the program months). The maximum monthly bonus for each successful referrer does not exceed VND 10,000,000 per month, with personal income tax included.
  • The gift amount will be transferred to the bank account provided by the valid referrer when completing the Online Confirmation Form.
  • After receiving the gift, the referrer is responsible for tax declaration and personal income tax submission to the tax authority.
  • MMV or the program organizer is authorized by the MMV is responsible for paying the gift amount to the Successful Referrer after completing the necessary confirmation.
  • MMV reserves the right to contact the Referrer and the Referee via the phone number/email that the referrer provided when participating in the program to verify some additional information and request for additional papers if needed to receive the gift. MMV reserves the right to notify the referee of program information.
  • MMV reserves the right to verify the accuracy and transparency of referrals and has the right to refuse the referrer to enjoy the Bonus if it detects any fraudulent referral, including an approved deposit and vehicle purchase contract at an authorized contributor and the vehicle is handover to the referee.
  • Program information is published in full details on the MMV website

  • In case of any questions or complaints, customers can contact MMV at Hotline 18001514 and MMV’s official customer service page at  
  • For disputes arising related to the Program, MMV will resolve in the spirit of cooperation with customers. In case the parties fail to reach an agreement, disputes will be resolved in accordance with Vietnamese laws at a competent court.
  • This Program Terms and Conditions may be adjusted from time to time at MMV’s discretion. Content changes (if any) will be announced, registered in accordance with the law and updated on the website of MMV before the date of application.
  • The Terms and Conditions of this Promotion are made in English and Vietnamese. In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Vietnamese versions of the Program Terms and Conditions, the Vietnamese version shall prevail.
  • Referrer confirms that the information provided in the Referral Form is completely accurate and authentic.
  • The referrer agrees for MMV to use the referee’s information to contact the referee to introduce MMV’s products, services, and promotions. The referrer agrees that MMV may transfer and disclose any Customer Information to any of MMV’s contractors, authorized distributors, service providers, or affiliates (including employees, directors, and their officers). In addition, MMV is not responsible for misuse of the information provided above unless it is proven that such things are intentionally caused by MMV.
  • The referrer confirms that the referee has given the referee’s consent to provide the referee’s contact information for MMV and that MMV can communicate directly with the referee about the products or services of MMV.
  • Mitsubishi Xpander (Model 2020)
    • Imported version – Manual Number MT
    • Imported version – Automatic number AT
    • Assembly version – Automatic number AT
  • Mitsubishi Xpander Cross
    • Imported version – Automatic number AT
  • Mitsubishi Attrage (Model 2020)
    • Imported version – Manual Number MT
    • Imported version – Automatic number CVT
  • Mitsubishi Outlander (Model 2020)
    • Assembly version – 2.0L CVT Standard
    • Assembly version – 2.0L CVT Premium
    • Assembly version – 2.4L CVT Premium
  • Mitsubishi Triton
    • Imported version – 4×4 AT MIVEC Premium (2020)
    • Imported version – 4×2 AT MIVEC Premium (2020)
    • Imported version – 4×4 MT MIVEC (2020)
    • Imported version – 4×2 AT MIVEC (2020)
    • Imported version – 4×2 MT (2020)
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
    • Imported version – Diesel 4×2 MT
    • Imported version – Diesel 4×2 AT
    • Imported version – Gasoline 4×2 AT
    • Imported version – Gasoline 4×2 AT Premium
  • Force majeure events are events that are in accordance with the law, happen objectively that cannot be foreseen and cannot be prevented or overcome despite all measures and permissible abilities applied, causing to the Parties unable to perform or improperly perform their obligations under this Program Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to changes in laws, governmental decisions, natural disasters, epidemics illness, war, fire, strike, suspension or disruption of vehicles, networks or other utilities (“Force Majeure Event”);
  • A Party is not liable to the other Party for its failure to perform its obligations caused by the Force Majeure Event. When a Party encounters a force majeure event, it must promptly (no later than 02 (two) hours from the time of arising of the Force Majeure Event) notify the other Party so that the two Parties can choose one of the two following solutions:

a) The performance of obligations under these Program Terms and Conditions is still carried out as planned and MMV does not have to pay any additional costs, or

b) Performance of obligations under these Program Terms and Conditions will be deferred at an appropriate time determined by MMV and will not incur any additional costs. Any other matter arising from a delay in performing obligations under these Program Terms and Conditions will be agreed upon by the two Parties to resolve in good faith and risk-sharing principle.

  • The time of the Force Majeure Event does not count towards the duration of this Program’s Terms and Conditions.

[1] According to VAMA sale report of the first 7 months of 2020

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