Drive @earth

As the connection between cars, society and the environment becomes clearer, Mitsubishi stands ready to clear a path to a new era in sustainable partnership.

At the pinnacle of our environmental technology, we present the zero-emissions* i MiEV electric vehicle, a new-generation solution that will play an important role in putting the brakes on global warming.

Leveraging our years of minicar expertise, we are working to present a super-efficient "Global Small" car. We will develop a next-generation compact SUV that will leapfrog global environmental standards while still delivering the driving pleasure Mitsubishi is famous for.

We believe that our technology and our passion for driving will help us lead the way to a new future for motoring.

Drive@earth. Toward a sustainable future for driving pleasure.

*i MiEV produces zero drive-time emissions and a 72% "well to wheel" reduction compared to a 660cc gasoline-powered engine.


Introducing i-MiEV in markets around the world; the drive-time zero-emission electric vehicle packed with ground-breaking technology including a large-capacity lithium-ion battery and compact high-performance electric motor.


Developing new vehicles equipped with the latest environmental technologies and drive technologies. For example, our PX-MiEV concept car contains the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid System which combines outstanding environmental performance with economy.


Mitsubishi Motors corporate tagline “Drive@earth” holds two meanings: a renewed focus on the connection between driving and environmental issues, and a reference to the unique variety of landscapes our planet offers us to discover.

“Drive@earth” has its roots in the new “Step Up 2010” mid-term business plan, announced on February 29th, 2008. Mitsubishi Motors is committed to building vehicles that demonstrate the synergy between dynamic and environmental performance, and in this way building a connection to customers, to communities, and ultimately to the natural world around us.

Notes about Drive@earth

English was the chosen language for the global corporate tagline in order to facilitate comprehension in various markets. Simple words were chosen so that non-native speakers might understand as well.

The “@” mark is intended as a visual / design pun, indicating our “location” or “domain” here on planet earth. Earth is written with a lowercase “e” for design reasons; to make the words “spread” from the center in an appealing fashion.