Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam


Privacy Policy


Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Co., Ltd. (“MMV” or “We”) recognizes the importance of personal information managed and used for customer satisfaction purpose (“Customers” or “You”), and will deal with it properly by establishing the following policies on Customer Information Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”).
1. Acquisition of Personal Information

1.1. MMV will acquire and process personal information from various sources such as your visit to our dealers, accessing to MMV website, downloading MMV applications, contacting to MMV under any forms and other sources (such as events, fairs and exhibition events which MMV attended or organized, your interaction with MMV via social media, from third parties, etc.) including but not limited to the following personal information:

1.1.1 Contact information or identical information: name, date of birth, gender, occupation, nationality, marital status, address, telephone numbers, email address, passport information, ID information (or other identical information including but not limited to issuance date, place of issuance, etc.) and other information.
1.1.2 Your accesses to MMV Website or MMV applications: time of accessing, connecting and usage time of MMV website or MMV application (items click or commands made).
1.1.3 Any information input or agreed to provide MMV when accessing MMV website or application or your interaction with MMV via signature, pictures, videos, comments and location.

1.2 Information automatically collected

1.2.1 Devices information and usage: collecting information from devices (computers, tablets, smart phones, etc.) connecting to MMV websites or for storage or MMV applications. MMV might collect IP address, device identifiers, browser type, internet service provider, hardware versions, operating systems, and version of applications. MMV might record information and store in log files when you use and interact on MMV websites. Those information might include sources and last visited pages, indicators on date and time, search terms and data on sequence of visited pages.
1.2.2 Location information: collecting location information from devices connecting to MMV websites or storage or MMV application. Location information might be collected via geolocation features at your devices or under other forms such as your IP Address to identify your geographic area.
1.2.3 Collecting and tracking information on your behaviors at MMV website, we may use your cookies and web beacon and other similar information for those purpose. These technologies might provide by third parties. We may use session cookies (they will be deleted when you closed your website browsers) and permanent cookies (they will remain in operation even after the web browser has closed and they can be remembered login details and passwords so web users don’t need to re-enter them every time using MMV’s website). Most of the website browsers are allowed you to customize your cookie setting; however, some of our websites might not effectively work if you are disable those cookies. Web beacon is made up of a clear file, usually a pixel, that we or the third party can track users’ activities on MMV website and provide customized advertisement to be posted. Other tracking information and advertisements, including the refused options shall be brought to the following parts of this policy.
1.2.4 Social Network utilities: Websites and mobile applications including social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube and others. Such features might collect information on IP address, pages visited within our Website, and these features might create cookie or using other tracking technologies. Features and social network appliances might be created by third parties or directly create on MMV websites. Interaction with such features is under data privacy policies of providers providing such features.

2. Utilization Purpose of Personal information

2.1 Necessary for the purpose of legitimate interests pursued by MMV
MMV shall not use personal information other than customers satisfaction purpose as detailed follow:

– Understanding your interests and hobbies so that MMV websites or MMV applications, related products and services of MMV can be customized and innovated according to your preferences, such as sending advertising documents, locating nearest dealers, schedule for vehicle experience or arrange services related to MMV vehicles or products;
– Ask you to comment or participate in the surveys (either directly or by a third party authorized by MMV) about our vehicles, products or services and our distributors;
– Our feedback on subscription schedules and customer requests for other services, vehicle experience schedules or appointments related to the customer or MMV’s vehicles or products that are interested or possessed by customers;
– Contacting you for the above mentioned purposes by post, telephone, e-mail, instant message or automatic notification;
– Respond to customers’ questions and complaints; and
– Internal record.

2.2 Personal information may be used as needed to comply with applicable regulations and legal obligations. Such uses include, but are not limited to, uses of the information for compliance reasons, legal requirements, audits and claims (including disclosure of this information related to legal proceedings or litigation) and other ethical requirements and compliance reporting.

3. How do we share your personal information

We may share your personal information with:
3.1 MMV’s internal departments;
3.2 MMV Authorized Dealers;
3.3 Service providers appointed by MMV;
3.4 Regulatory agencies and Others.

4. Customers Rights

4.1 General Rights
You have the right to request MMV to correct or destroy your personal information. Those rights shall be limited, for example, if your request will reveal someone else’s personal information, or if you ask us to remove information that we are required to retain by law or there are legitimate interests to retain.

4.2 Rights and options regarding to direct marketing

4.2.1 Have an opportunity to choose (opt-in) (consent) to use your contact information for direct marketing purposes when we ask you to provide contact information.
4.2.2 If you do not want us to send you direct marketing information, or use your personal information to make document related to direct marketing, or to submit your contact information to third parties for marketing purposes, you may request us not to do this, at any time, by:

– Reply to a direct marketing e-mail by pressing the ‘unsubscribe’ key;
– Changing privacy settings in an app (if available on the app);
– Contacting us directly;
– Following the denial or unsubscribe instructions outlined in our related correspondence.

5. Commitment to Privacy

MMV only collects Personal Information in an appropriate manner and necessary scope for our purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. And we maintain appropriate measures to ensure the safety, integrity, accuracy, and confidentiality of the information provided by our customers.
In addition, we also take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure that third parties also take security measures for the information we provide to them. We also take appropriate measures so that customers can update and adjust information when providing information is incorrect. The confidentiality of personal and private information of customers is absolute and this information will not be disclosed to any third party unless there is prior consent of the customer or upon request from the competent authority.

6. Links to MMV Website or Applications

Our website or applications may, from time to time, may be link to or from the websites of our network of partners, advertisers and companies in corporation. MMV shall not be responsible for the content of any website connected to the website or application of MMV. You have to ensure that read the privacy notice and legal terms and conditions applicable when accessing a third-party website or downloading a third-party application, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have read the privacy notice and the legal terms and conditions applicable to the website or that application.

7. Update Customers Information Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Accordingly we will update the date at the beginning of this Privacy Policy and encourage you to check the changes to this Privacy Policy published on the MMV website. In some cases, we may also proactively notify customers about specific data processing activities or important changes to this Privacy Policy, if required by law./.