Special promotions- New Car for New Year

Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) with authorized dealer brings “Special promotions- New Car for New Year” with new price starting from 02/2018. This is an opportunity for customers to own quality [...]

Mitsubishi Outlander Rollout Ceremony

Mitsubishi Motors unveiled the global tagline “Drive you ambition”, the powerful statement of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s (MMC) on-going commitment to the values and aspirations of its drivers. [...]

Ministry of Industry and Trade cooperates with Mitsubishi Motors to study electric cars

January 15, 2018 — Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Vietnam under which they plan to explore how best to promote the use of electric vehicles [...]

Chăm Sóc Xế Yêu, Đón Chào Năm Mới

On the occasion of welcoming New Year 2018, in order to bring peace of mind to customers in using the car on the long haul, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam launches “Customer care campaign – Caring [...]

Recall campaign for Mitsubishi Pajero

From 01-Nov-2017, as requested by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Co., Ltd. (MMV) will carry out the recall campaign of replacing driver and passenger side airbag inflator [...]

Impressive moments of the Mitsubishi EcoDrive Challenge 2017.

How was the record of 3.91L / 100km made by the female driver from Da Nang? What is interesting about this race that you do not know? Explore the impressive moments of the Mitsubishi EcoDrive Challenge [...]