Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam and Attrage Vietnam Club First meeting for long-term connect.

March 22th, at the opening ceremony of an authorized dealers of Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV), MMV had chance to meet and warmly welcomed some representatives of Attrage Vietnam Club, honorable customers of the event.

Come and experience Mitsubishi Cars at our dealer in March 2017.

To provide the opportunity to experience realistic Mitsubishi car features, we would like to invite customers to participate in a test drive at our dealer showroom as follows:

Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam sponsors the youth football movement.

Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) officially sponsors the youth football movement and jointly builds a new football model in Hanoi. Through sponsorship for youth Phu Dong football club (Phu Dong FC), MMV desires to contribute to the development of Vietnam's youth football. This is also the tradition of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), when they sponsored the youth football club in Japan.

User reviews Mitsubishi Triton MIVEC 2017

After several considerations, Mr.Liên- Director of construction consulting company, has decided to choose Mitsubishi Triton MIVEC 2017 for work and family.

Experience All new Pajero Sport - AutoTV

AutoTV has experienced All New Pajero Sport at Phan Thiet

Owner review - Outlander on Buon Ma Thuot road

Nói thêm về xe cùng phân khúc hoặc SUV thì em đã chạy qua CRV2009&2014, Santa Fe 2011, Everest 2012, RX350 2015, đã ngồi qua CX5, Sportage2015. Em gái da nâu Outlander nhà em là bản 4WD, 2.4l. Nhìn chung, về vận hành em hài lòng về em nó.

The event "FUKUBUKURO - Get car get fortune" across the nation.

Customers participating in the event and buy a car will get a lucky draw chance and receive Fukubukuro bags worth 6 million, 8 million and 18 million VND as a lucky greeting for this year. Mitsubishi All New Pajero Sport and Mitsubishi Triton MIVEC have arrived to all dealers, ready for customers test drive.

Experience Mitsubishi All New Pajero Sport- Conquering Bau Trang sand hill

Under the driveng of Hiroshi Masuoka- legendary racer, All New Pajero Sport has monumental off road performance on Bau Trang sand hill with Dakar Rally style.

Promotion in March 2017 "FUKUBUKURO - Get Cars Get Fortune"

Table prices and promotions in March 2017 of Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam.