Corporate Social Responsibility


April 23th 2019, MMV, together with Vietnam Red Cross and Vietnam Broadcast, paid a visit to the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital to donate a heart surgery cost to the poor parents having the congenital heart disease child namely Tran Anh Huy living at Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province.

“Heart for Children” is a humanitarian charity program that brings chances to poor children suffering congenital heart disease a new heart, a new life. On the itinerary of 12 years term as from the established year of 2007, more than 4,000 heart disease child were sponsored for the surgery cost. These child are considered the future life of the country, and MMV wishes to donate cost of heart surgery to them.

Tran Anh Huy, born on March 28, 2018, was in a poor rural area where his parents are low-income farmers who are earning income under rice and/or corn cultivation. Perhaps at the 1st year old, Huy can play, cry and laugh like any other normal child.  Unfortunately, as from after birth date, he is suffering from congenital heart disease and was assigned for heart surgery in 3 times by the heart surgeon. In the situation of his parent’s living condition difficulties, to afford the heart surgery costs seems a far-reaching dream.

Understanding that situation, through the program “Heart for Children”, MMV agreed to funding the surgery cost for this child. Upon seeing him, we feel so happy because after the surgery, he looks happy and cheerful. In the innocent eyes of this child we could see that no difficulty or illness is found, it is vague, far away. With the surgery costs were sponsored by MMV, his parent are released this surgery cost and can spend all their time to take care him.

Mr Nguyen Huy Thang – Deputy General Director of MMV donated gifts and surgery cost to Tran Anh Huy ‘s parent

Tomorrow, April 24 2019, the heart surgeon decided the 2nd heart surgery to him. This surgery is confirmed successfully from the heart surgeon. We do hope he will be resilient from the heart disease so that the innocent smile will shine on his lips, and he can be healthy in his future life.  

MMV is always expecting to continue more and more donation activities in the future.  Not only case of Tran Anh Huy is sponsored, MMV will continue to accompany to the program “Heart for Children” to support more unfortunately child suffering with congenital heart disease. Also, we have been implementing many donation activities to celebrate the 25th year ceremony of Mitsubishi brand presence in Vietnam in line with our Mission “make positive contributions to the sustainable development of society”.

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