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Pre-delivery inspection service

To help you get maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from your new MMV vehicle, the vehicle has been inspected and prepared by an authorized MMV dealer according to MMV’s recommended inspection schedule.

Free service

MMV offer you free service at 5.000 km for your new vehicle. The inspection and lubrications will be performed free of charge at any authorized MMV dealers. Only lubricants and materrials used then will be charged.

Periodic inspection and Maintenance service

Proper maintenance and care of the vehicle are indispensable for safe driving and lower overall running cost. The periodic inspection services designated in this book are the minimum requirements which should be performed on your initiative by authorized MMV dealers.

Do it yourself

You can carry out many inspection and maintenance items on your vehicle yourself, prior to long- distance travel or, preferably, before you use your vehicle everyday, carry out these inspection and maintenance items. Certain maintenance items must also be carried out periodically in accordance with distance travelled. For these items, see your Online Owner’s Handbook.

Driving in foreign countries

It is important to point out to our valued customers that different countries throughout the world have vehicles designed to be more suited to those conditions which exist in a paticular country.
If you are concerned in anyway, please contact the MMV authorized dealers for information of the country you will drive before your departure.
The local conditions or regulations may change for a particular country in the following way:
– Local fuels and lubricants may not be suitable for use in your vehicles. Damage may occur to the mechanism if the wrong fuels or lubricants are used.
– Modification of your vehicle may be required in some cases, due to local regulations or different driving conditions.
– The correct customer care sevice for your particular vehicle may not be available due to the fact that the importer may not distribute all of our model range. Certain parts of your vehicle may therefore, not be available.
All of the above could the inconveniences to you please check them together with the MMV authorized dealers before your departure to foreign countries.

Road test

The road test is included in the periodic inspection. This test is to be conducted after completion of all work concerned with items indicated as service items for each periodic inspection.
Check the following items while driving the vehicle:
– Check free play of steering wheel.
– Check efficiency of service brake and parking brake system.
– Check driveability of engine.
– Check condition of instruments, gauges, indicators, exterior lamps, heater and ventilators.


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