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– Apply for all Mitsubishi model
– Maximum loan limit is up to 80% of the car value
– Maximum loan term is 96 months.


Fixed Rate: 8.8%/year for 1st year

– Apply for all Mitsubishi model
– Maximum loan limit is up to 80% of the car value
– Maximum loan term is 96 months.

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Special Financial Package for Pajero Sport

Finance up to


Flexible loan tenor up to


Prepayment Penalty

Free early repayment fee from 5th year

Frequently asked questions

What is the process for me to issue a new notarized copy of my car documents and mortgage receipts every time my old documents expire?

Currently, the maximum validity period of the Mortgage Receipt is 06 months from the date the partner bank signs the confirmation.

No later than 7 days before the copy of your Car Registration Certificate expires, the partner bank will automatically send an SMS to notify you and if you do not have past due debt and body insurance. If the vehicle is still valid at the time of renewal, the partner bank will deliver it to the address you registered, or you can contact a banker via email/phone for support.

When can I get a mortgage receipt and a copy of my Vehicle Registration Certificate so I can use the vehicle?

The vehicle is a collateral for your loan at Partner Bank, therefore, Partner Bank will keep the car registration certificate and other documents related to vehicle ownership (if any). Upon receipt of the original Vehicle Registration Certificate, Partner Bank will issue a mortgage receipt to the You for the day. You can pick it up directly at the bank or by post. The time for sending by post is between 3 and 5 working days.

Please carefully keep the above documents for vehicle traffic during Partner Bank to keep the original of your vehicle registration.

Do I need to go to the bank to make early repayment?

Yes. You can contact the bank specialist in charge of loan application and be supported at Partner Bank’s Branch location according to the instructions.

In addition to the prepayment fee, what other costs do you incur?
Please be assured that you do not have to bear any additional fees.
Can I repay my debt ahead of time? What is the prepayment fee?
The You is fully able to repay the debt by the due date. For details of the schedule of prepayment fees, please contact the partner bank’s consultant or MMV’s sales consultant
What documents do I need to prepare for a car loan at MAF?
Normally, you need to bring personal documents (valid ID/Passport), and depending on the type of transaction, you need to bring additional corresponding documents. Please contact MAF staff at the nearest Mitsubishi auto showroom for detailed instructions.
Do I have to purchase life insurance or loan insurance to participate in MAF’s loan package?
You are not required to purchasing any life insurance or loan insurance when joining the MAF program.
Do I have to purchase car’s physical insurance? If so, can I buy at any insurance company?

You have to buy car’s physical damage insurance because the car will be the collateral for the loan and ensure the car always has physical damage insurance until the end of the validity of the Credit contract. You are free to purchase car’s physical damage insurance at any insurance company, provided that you provide all of the following insurance documents to our employees:

1. Insurance contract with terms of the beneficiary:

– Partner Bank is the first beneficiary of insurance benefits.

– The vehicle owner (the insured) is the beneficiary of the second insurance benefits.

2. Invoice or Insurance Fee Receipt (with the seal of the Insurance Company) or Letter of Confirmation of Insurance Fee Paid Receipt.

3. Certificate of car’s voluntary physical damage insurance.

What kind of financial loan package does MAF have? Can I calculate the monthly payment amount according to each loan package?

Please visit this link to lead you back to the product Home page. There we have a simulator available to help calculate the corresponding monthly payment amount according to the loan term and the loan amount based on the value of the vehicle you choose

What is MMV Auto Finance (MAF)? What is the relationship between Mitsubishi Vietnam Automobile Co., Ltd (MMV) and MAF as well as MMV authorized Distributors?
MMV Auto Finance (MAF) is not a financial institution but MAF is an exclusive cooperation program between Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam and MMV Partner Bank to provide financial services for you who choose to buy Mitsubishi’s cars at MMV’s Authorized Dealer’s showrooms.