Lubricants and chemicals

MMC create the line-up of genuine Mitsubishi oil & chemical, which is called “new generation of oil & chemical”. It is researched and produced for the best use with Mitsubishi cars.
Fuel system clean up Additive
Air-conditioner clean up Additive


Prevent corrosion inside cooling system
By preventing the corrosion of the metal parts in the engine cooling system, coolant will support for the thermal transmitting ability.

Prevent overheating
As the coolant becomes vaporizing, it will lower the coolant level, overheating could happen to the engine. Coolant with high evaporating degree will hard to evaporate. The coolant will also prevent the corrosion and dirt in the engine cooling system which is the main reasons of engine overheating.

Prevent the frozen
In winter, coolant will prevent the damage inside the engine causing by frozen coolant. The frozen point will change depend on the concentration of coolant volume. Frozen point of cooling liquid is 15oC as the concentration of coolant at 30%, and frozen point is 35oC if the concentration is 50%.

| Coolant is easy to use for both Mitsubishi gasoline and diesel engine.

| After fully replacing, the coolant could be use in 4 years or 60,000km.

| Preventing the corrosion of metal parts in the cooling system in long time.

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