Proven by experiment
A good belt must withstand the high temperature as well as sudden change speed because it is always run at high speed. By various experiment, genuine Mitsubishi belts could work safety in the severe condition.

Genuine spare parts for your trust

  1. Temperature withstand: genuine belts could withstand the high temperature when the engine run with high speed.
  2. Cold withstand: genuine belts could withstand the low temperate of weather, such as below 35oC
  3. Durability: Genuine belts are made from the high performance materials to work with high resistance force and create less noise.

Why does this situation happen ?

The belts will transmit the power for steering belt, coolant fan belt, generator and air-conditioner compressor. If these belts is damaged (broken or slip), serious faults could happen to the engine.

When replacingdrive belts ?

Sometimes, you could hear “chit-chit” noise in the engine; it could be caused by the damage belt. Let’s authorized dealers check your car and replace the damaged belts. Even you couldn’t hear any sound, the periodical check is necessary for your car.

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