Ability to filter small dust particles.
The atmosphere contains dust particles, such as sand, soot … A wind filter without the ability to filter dust particles will cause damage to the engine. Mitsubishi genuine air filter to detect and prevent every small dust particles.

Genuine Parts give confidence

  1. Dust filtering capabilities: high-performance filter results in different working environments.
  2. Lifespan: wide filtration surface for a longer period of use.
  3. Tightness: Filter with high tightness to prevent dust fall out.

Why does this situation happen ?

The air filter must have ability to filter dust in the air and provides clean air to the engine. A dirty air filter or clogged can not provide enough clean air to the engine. Using fake filter can cause serious damage to the engine.

When replacing air filter ?

You difficult to observe because it is in the air filter box, and harmful signs is difficult to detect because they are progressing slowly. We recommend you take your car to the MMV’s authorized dealer for periodically inspection.

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