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Inspection method to recognize shock absorber oil leak issue

Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) recently received questions on how to differentiate between a normal trace of oil adhered and the typical oil leak issue (which create confusion and worry among user community). In order to fully explain and provide clearest information possible to our value customer, MMV publish this article as an official guidance for oil leak assessment.

MMV can assure that Shock Absorber are warranted part. Thus, under any circumstances that oil leak issue appears on our Xpander model, customer will be fully support by Dealers and MMV to inspect and replace by brand policies.

For customer to fully understand, MMV would like to explain about the how the shock absorber is designed and its operation. The sealing of shock absorber while operating normally lubricate the piston rod by its sliding motion. As result of repetitive sliding of the piston rod, oil film scraped off the piston rod or condensed oil vapor may adhere to the surface of the shock absorber casing. This phenomenon explains why numerous customers see a small amount of oil on the surface of piston rod. However, it is not necessarily a defect of the shock absorber.

Only in case the trace of oil is larger than 1/3 of case length, it could indicate leak in progressing and those cases will certainly be warranted by Mitsubishi. Though the issues have been reported in several markets, close investigation of returned failed parts at MMC found less than 1/3 with actual functional defects.

Misjudgment and replacement of shock absorber will not only result in unnecessary cost but also distort defect statistics and give negative influence on countermeasure activities. We hope the Guideline for Judgement by Visual Inspection below provide you clearer criteria in judging shock absorber oil leaks.

Guideline for Judgement by Visual Inspection

Please follow the diagnostic flowchart and guideline below to perform shock absorber oil leak judgement, determine the level of severity and act accordingly

Shock absorber with spring sheet Shock absorber without spring sheet Remarks
Level 1 Trace of oil is less than 1/3 of case length

This level of oil trace pattern does not suggest progressive oil leak

Level 2 Ban like oil drippage (irrelevant to length)

Trace of oil of this configuration suggests a leak in a short span.

Level 3 Trace is oil is more than 1/3 of case length

Trace of oil of this level indicates leak is progressing.

Always keeping customer satisfaction in mind, MMV are thankful that customers have trust in our products. MMV commit to bring the best product quality and customer services. Please head toward your nearest dealer to get examination, consult and best support.

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