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  • Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam introduces the special version of the Mitsubishi Triton Athlete with a dynamic, sporty design.
  • Triton Athlete with outstanding performance and a full range of safety equipment comes with many modern conveniences to meet the diverse needs of users.

In March 2018 – Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) officially introduced special edition Mitsubishi Triton Athlete to customers in Vietnam. With its dynamic appearance and sporty performance, the Triton Athlete is a reliable choice, ready to challenge every customer.

Dynamic appearance and athleticism

Triton Athlete is a dynamic sports car with the combination of two colors orange – black from the exterior to the interior of the car.

The front bumper detail with Athlete stamps highlights the sporty look. Designing the car’s stamp from the front of the car and the rear of the car creates a fast-moving, creative visual effect. Rear mirrors, front bumper, mudguards, door handles, foot pedal … with 17-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels are used black male bass.

Triton Athlete adds styling bar and spoiler in a black tank is very convenient and personal. The pickup is equipped with HID lenses with better illumination.

This special edition has three color options: black, white and titanium gray.

Luxurious and refined interior

The orange-black tone continues to be the highlight of the interior of the cabin, which makes the Triton Athlete more attractive and attractive. Orange-black leather seats with ATHLETE logo in the middle. Other interior details such as steering wheel, shifter, door cladding, carpet flooring are synchronous with a dynamic orange-black interior.

Triton Athlete continues to take advantage of the largest interiors in the pickup market. The J-line design gives Triton a footprint of up to 1,745mm in the widest segment, with the back of the rear seat having a sloping 25 ° that feels comfortable to all passengers.

With all the facilities within the cockpit, the Triton Athlete will give customers a pleasant experience on every trip. Options include 8-way power steering, automatic climate control; cruise control cruise control, steering wheel adjustable sound system; smart key and push button (KOS / OSS); headlight sensors and automatic rain goggles.

Superior operating ability

This special version is equipped with Mitsubishi’s most advanced 2.4L MIVEC diesel engine. This is also the only Diesel engine on the market equipped with variable electronic control valve MIVEC to increase power, fuel economy and minimize noise.

With a durable, reliable engine and powerful acceleration as a sportsman, the Triton Athlete will give the owner the thrill of driving.

Triton Athlete’s smooth, stable performance is also confirmed by a 5-speed automatic transmission with sports mode and a shock-absorbing steering wheel-a unique feature of Triton in the segment.

The Triton Athlete is also among the few pickups in the market with the best powertrain segment, with a 4WD-Super Select 4WD-Super Select 4WD-Super Select, 4HLc (two high-speed bridges with central differential lock) and 4LLc (two low-speed bridges, suitable for off-road driving) with central locking differential). This is the platform that helps Triton win in tough terrain racing, crossing the steep, muddy or sandy paths with ease.

Maximum safety

Certified 5-star – the highest level of ANCAP-Australia crash tests, Triton Athlete ensures maximum cabin safety through rigid RISE chassis technology. the right of Mitsubishi. With a stable and quiet suspension, the user will feel secure in all situations. The pickup is stable and steady even when cornering or turning at high speeds.

The Mitsubishi Triton Athlete 2018 features Triton’s advanced safety features including electronic balance and traction control, slope departure, ABS-EBD brakes, anti-theft key, etc.

Impressed with a sporty exterior design, leaps forward with power from the engine block inside; The Triton Athlete converges the robust, powerful and dynamic features required in a pickup truck to meet exacting freight, business, travel, and day-to-day needs.

Version Price (*)
Triton Athlete 4 × 2 VND 746 million

Notes (*): Price includes VAT and CD player

The Triton Athlete 4×4 will be available soon.




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