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Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam implements the Door To Door Test Drive Program 2021 at all distributors

Due to the extremely complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) and the company Authorized Dealers nationwide once again implement the at-home test drive program. This was a huge success in May 2020 that was well-received by customers after the social distancing period in April.

Customers are able to stay safely at home without going to the showrooms while we bring test-drive cars to your doors during the current stressful pandemic situation. Thus, customers will have an opportunity to experience Mitsubishi’s cars in the most convenient and safest way.

Please contact the nearest authorized distributor to sign up for a test drive arrangement. In case of not-supported locations that we are unable to arrange a test drive for you, our authorized distributors are always pleased to provide you with consultation and information through online channels, such as Zalo, Viber, Skype, Facetime…

Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam ensures that all models and implementation procedures of the test drive program comply with the 5K recommendation of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. Test-drive car contact surfaces are disinfected. Sales consultants are required to check their health, wear masks and gloves before contacting customers. Furthermore, our distributors guarantee that the reception areas are sanitary and equipped with hand sanitizers and masks to provide convenient and safe experience spaces for customers.

About Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam:

Established since 1994 as distributor of Mitsubishi Motors’ vehicles in Vietnam – Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Co. Ltd., was one of first automobile joint-ventures in this market.

With the 25-year experience in the automotive market and the message “Drive Your Ambition”, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is committed to the values ​​and ambitions of the company in the future to customers. We promise to provide excellent vehicles together with outstanding safety equipment.

Currently, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is distributing 6 models in Vietnam:

  • 5-seat model: Attrage
  • 7-seat models: Xpander, Xpander Cross, Outlander, Pajero Sport
  • Pickup model: Triton

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