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On February 27, 2023, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam officially introduced the new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross 2023 version: “CONFIDENT DRIVING – RELAXING ADVENTURE” with plenty of outstanding improvements in the exterior and interior to meet the criteria of an ideal family car. 

The exterior design of the Xpander Cross 2023 had a modern, powerful SUV style, combining the typical convenience of a Crossover with more robust exterior details, such as larger vehicle length, new radiator grille and rear bumper, T-Shape full-LED light, and outstanding 17-inch 2-tone alloy chassis. Besides, the model also came with dark window glass, spacious interior space, heat-absorbing material leather seats, new 4-spoke steering wheel, 8-inch LCD multi-information display, the best-in-class ground clearance, solid chassis with exclusive RISE technology, upgraded suspension system, smooth operation and superior sound insulation for optimal comfort and convenience.  

For the first time, Mitsubishi Motors brought in the all-new advanced safety feature on the Xpander Cross 2023 called Active Yaw Control (AYC), which helped to control the braking force when driving fast, cornering or driving on slippery roads, provided a reassuring experience on all roads, especially in a rainy area like Vietnam. 

Possessing a variety of new upgrades in terms of interior and exterior, Xpander Cross 2023 comes with a moderner, more robust, sportier, and stronger SUV style, harmoniously combined with the practical and sophisticated utilities of a versatile crossover, promising to bring an exciting experience to all customers on every trip. 

Not only promoting the traditional strengths of Xpander model that has been trusted by customers such as durability, safety, and optimal fuel economy, the new Xpander Cross 2023 also shows its own identity with a completely new design style. 

With all the upgrades such as T-Shape Full-LED headlamp system and powerful front bumper combination, new 17-inch wheels in sporty two-tone finish, 225-mm best-in-class ground clearance and a raised body length of 4,595 mm, the new Xpander Cross offers spaciousness, comfort, and dynamic operation.  

In addition, to optimize the experience, other improvements to be mentioned – horizontally spread center console, 8-inch multi-information digital meter display with 3 custom modes, 4-spoke steering wheel, which is similar to the Pajero Sport for a vigorous and sumptuous feeling. The luxury navy-black two-tone interior and high-end leather seats with heat absorbing material bring the most comfort to customers.  

In addition to the existing safety features, the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross 2023 is the first front-wheel drive car from Mitsubishi Motors equipped with Active Yaw Control (AYC) – Active cornering control system. Apart from ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and Active Stability System (ASC), AYC is a great add-on to the the braking system to increase the safety and stability of the vehicle when cornering, especially on slippery road surfaces. 

Tough appearance, solid SUV style 

Mitsubishi Xpander Cross 2023 has a new design appearance, combining the new generation Dynamic Shield design language and strong SUV characteristics. The grille is large and bold with black paint, bordered by a strong X-shaped chromium plated brace. Sturdiness and reliability are also indicated by the trim surrounding the body. 

A horizontal Full-LED T-Shape headlamp system with overhead daylight position lamp range completes the vehicle’s youthful and dynamic appearance, providing better illumination, especially at night. To improve driver’s safety and comfort experience, Xpander Cross 2023 is equipped with Auto Lighting Control and Auto Wiper. Besides, Head Lamps Leveling Device is also a fantastic upgrade that supports every trip protection.  

The front bumper is tweaked to be more dominant compared to the previous version. The wider central ram-air intake and rectangular fog lights make the headboard look sportier and stronger overall. 

The SUV characteristic of the Xpander Cross 2023 is shown through a 17-inch sturdy alloy wheel, a 5-spoke double Y-shaped design with 2 contrasting tones, increasing the stability of the car overall, the highest 225 mm ground clearance in the segment to help the car easily overcome difficult terrain or submerged. In addition, the roof is also equipped with a support rack to help users carry a lot of luggage for long trips of the whole family. 

The highlight of the rear of the car is the T-Shape tail light cluster that creates a uniform design from front to back of the car. The rear bumper integrates a horizontal rectangular reflector and silver cladding divided into 3 compartments for a strong, solid appearance. With a body length of 4,595 mm, an increase of 95 mm compared to the predecessor, the Xpander Cross 2023 has the style of a true SUV. 

Exquisite, luxurious and comfortable interior 

The distinctive SUV style is reflected in every detail in the interior of the Xpander Cross 2023, such as sporty 4-spoke steering wheel inherited from Pajero Sport model integrating multi-functional control keys to bring convenience in the manipulation and operation of the car. The digital meter located behind the steering wheel, has a large 8-inch size that makes it visually more informative, easy to use with more eye-catching colors.

With a horizontal axis dashboard design, the interior space of the Xpander Cross 2023 still retains the sophistication, spaciousness, and superior luxury with 3 rows of seats to maximize comfort for the whole family.  

Two-tone Black and Navy Blue sporty interior is created from premium leather material with heat guard function. The Xpander Cross 2023 is equipped with a 9-inch entertainment screen, connected to smartphones via Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Electronic Park brake (EPB) comes with Auto Hold to generate a convenient and tidy space and at the same time, a safe driving experience. 

The luggage compartment is widely designed and expandable for long trips of the family thanks to foldable seat row.  

Flexible and safe operation  

Xpander Cross 2023 is equipped with a 1.5L inline 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, generating 104 horsepower and 141 Nm of torque to provide smooth and flexible operation on plenty of terrains.  

In particular, the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross 2023 is the first front-wheel drive model of Mitsubishi Motors equipped with AYC (Active Yaw Control) system – an advanced safety feature for the first time in the segment – to help the car operate more stably and drive more safely, bringing confidence when driving and comfort to the occupants even on zigzag roads, or when cornering, driving fast and on slippery rainy roads in Vietnam. 

The AYC system controls and applies brake force to each wheel when driving fast or on slippery surfaces, helping the car operate more stably, accurately, and safely, especially when cornering or redirecting on zigzag roads, in slippery and rainy conditions. AYC controls the movement trajectory of the vehicle, giving the vehicle a smaller turning radius, less steering operation when cornering and exiting the corner on a wet surface or high-speed movement, helping the driver feel secure. Furthermore, AYC helps increase the comfort of passengers when the car moves into the corner and increases safety, reduces the impact on the occupants and keeps the body more stable even in fast run. 

The Xpander Cross 2023 features standard safety equipment such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), emergency brake assist (BA), Active Stability Control and  Traction Control (ASC + TCL), hillside start assist (HSA), emergency stop signal (ESS) to provide a reliable safety experience for the whole family. 

Especially, the new Xpander Cross 2023 has an improved suspension compared to the previous version: a larger cylinder-equipped rear shock absorber, new high performance shock absorber valves used in both front and rear shock absorbers to limit noise inside the cabin, providing a stable and smooth experience on all journeys.  

The best-in-class 225-mm ground clearance helps the car to operate flexibly on a variety of terrains, meeting the entire user daily needs, from work to picnics with family. 

With numerous practical upgrades, the Xpander Cross 2023 completely meets the criteria of a luxurious and sophisticated family car with smooth and efficient operation. 

Xpander Cross 2023 will officially be available at MMV authorized dealers from February 27, 2023, at the price of 698M VND with 4 main colors: 2-tone Black and Orange, White, Black and Green Bronze (new color). Every Xpander Cross 2023 purchase comes with special gift package worth up to 35M VND, which includes 1-year Physical damage coverage, Dashcam and 360-degree Panorama Camera. Apart from this, in February and March 2023, customers of all Mitsubishi car models may enjoy a 9.9% preferential interest rate package in the first year from the “MMV Auto Finance” (MAF) consumer financial service as well as to receive the Fukubukuro lucky bag worth up to 20M VND. Especially, Mitsubishi car existing owners will immediately receive 5,000 points on Mitsubishi Connect+ app (equivalent to 5M VND) in case of exchanging or purchase a new Xpander Cross 2023. 

Xpander Cross 2023 price list and promotions 

Version  Color  Retailed Price (VND)  Promotion 
Xpander Cross 2023  2-tone Black and Orange  703.000.000 – 1-year Physical damage coverage (Worth 10M VND) 

– 01 360-degree Panorama Camera (Worth 20M VND) 

– 01 Dashcam (Worth 5M VND) 

– MAF 9.9% preferential interest rate consumer financial service 

– Fukubukuro lucky bag worth up to 20M VND 

White, Black, Green Bronze (new color)  698.000.000 
Xpander AT Premium 2023  White, Black, Silver, Red (new color)  658.000.000  – 01 360-degree Panorama Camera (Worth 20M VND) 

– MAF 9.9% preferential interest rate consumer financial service 

– Fukubukuro lucky bag worth up to 20M VND 

Xpander AT 2023  White, Black, Silver, Brown (new color)  598.000.000  – Financial incentive package (Worth 15M VND) 

– MAF 9.9% preferential interest rate consumer financial service 

– Fukubukuro lucky bag worth up to 20M VND 

Xpander MT   White, Black, Silver, Brown  555.000.000  – Fuel Coupon (Worth 10M VND) 

– Rear-view camera (Worth 2.500.000 VND) 

– MAF 9.9% preferential interest rate consumer financial service 

– Fukubukuro lucky bag worth up to 20M VND 

Similar to Xpander Cross 2023, Xpander AT Premium 2023 is equipped with Auto Lighting Control and Auto Wiper as well as Head Lamps Leveling Device. Besides current color range, Xpander AT Premium 2023 will be available in one more new color – Red. Xpander AT 2023 comes with one additional color – Brown and Armrests of 2nd seat row with cup holder integrated, which enhance the car comfort and provide customers with variety of choices.  

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