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Xpander is Mitsubishi Motors’ strategic Crossover MPV model. First introduced in 2017, Xpander has quickly become the best-selling MPV in Indonesia and other markets with more than 250,000 units sold. After one year of launching in Vietnam, total sales of Xpander in the Vietnamese market account for approximately 10% of global sales. Xpander is not only a top-selling car in the MPV segment, but also considered a successful model. Xpander continuously honored with outstanding awards from prestigious car magazines in the Philippines and Indonesia, such as Model of the year; Best-designed MPV; Best small MPV. 

In Vietnam, Xpander has also received a great deal of attention and quickly achieved many successes, with more than 25,000 vehicles handed over to customers after just over a year of the launch (by the end of May 2020). The number is an important milestone demonstrating the trust of Vietnamese customers in the family-friendly Xpander. 

Inheriting its forerunner’s outstanding strengths, on June 3rd, 2020, MMV has introduced the new Mitsubishi Xpander 2020 with practical upgrades in terms of interior and exterior and an attractive price. Xpander 2020’s equipment set improved to become more comprehensive and satisfy the most practical needs ​​of users.


Mitsubishi Xpander 2020 has a more modern Dynamic Shield design and a new front grill, Bi-LED headlamp, new fashionable shark fin antenna, newly designed 16-inch wheels, has a more luxurious and comfortable due to a dark interior accompanied with high-class leather seats. The new version also brings comfort through a 7-inch touch screen that supports Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto connectivity and decorative carbon trim on the dashboard and door panels. Besides the newly added equipment, the new Xpander still inherits modern operational & safety features such as the Cruise Control system, Active Stability Control (ASC), Traction Control System (TCL), etc., which demonstrates Mitsubishi’s careful investment in each product. 

The main message “XCEED EVERY EXPECTATION”, Mitsubishi Xpander 2020 is an ideal and best choice for Vietnamese families or customers, who want a change from small cars (hatchback, sedan, …). Because of its ability to fully meet both personal and business needs, and to bring exciting, comfortable, and meaningful experiences to the whole family. 

More impressive, stylish and modern – New Dynamic Shield design 

Exterior upgrades of Mitsubishi Xpander 2020 contribute to a more impressive, sporty and up-to-date model. Xpander 2020 presents an angular, energetic, and dynamic feel with the newly designed front grill – subtly stylized for a sporty and robust sense.  

The newly designed front grill includes two chrome-plated horizontal bars connecting the position lamp. In particular, Xpander 2020 is equipped with Bi-LED headlamp, increasing lighting efficiency, and aesthetics. 

Xpander 2020 has an overall dimension of 4,475 x 1,750 x 1,730 mm, a 205mm of ground clearance, and a minimum turning radius of 5.2m, which gives the exterior a harmonious and balanced look. The wheelbase of 2,775 mm provides spacious space for three seat rows. Xpander 2020 features newly designed 16-inch wheels with two-tone patterns. 

The rear lamp and L-shaped brake light are separate, and the beautifully designed set of rear lamp integrated with LED technology contributes to the appeal of Xpander 2020. The new Xpander is equipped with a shark fin antenna to emphasize the aesthetics of the vehicle. 

Spacious, luxurious and comfortable interior 

As one of the most spacious car in the segment with an interior length of up to 2,840mm, Xpander is highly appreciated by users thanks to the comfortable seating for seven people, the ability to flexibly arrange seats and the luggage compartment with a large storage capacity to meet the transport needs of the whole family.

2nd and 3rd-row seats can be fold 60:40 and 50:50, respectively, allowing more room for large items. 

The interior of Xpander 2020 has many valuable upgrades such as High-quality black leather seats with decorative carbon pattern on the door panels create a luxurious and modern sense for the interior compartment. The new entertainment system is also available, with a 7-inch screen connecting Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay. 

The “Omotenashi” philosophy – Customer centricity is applied in the interior design of Xpander 2020 to offer the superior and most comfortable experience to customers on every journey. The focal improvement, including forty-five handy storage compartments, tilt & telescopic steering wheel integrated with the hands-free phone, 12V power outlet for all three seat rows, Keyless Operation System, and Start Stop Button. Besides, the vehicle is also equipped with two coolers with four air ventilators in the 2nd seat row, ensuring the cool air for all three rows in the hot and humid climate of Vietnam. 

Smooth operation and excellent soundproofing ability 

The new Xpander 2020 continues to be equipped with a 1.5-liter MIVEC engine, allowing the vehicle’s stable operation and optimal fuel efficiency. The success of Xpander in Vietnam and many countries has proven its engine’s ability to meet customer needs over the years.  

RISE – a proprietary technology of Mitsubishi – increases the rigidity and reduces the bodyweight of the vehicle. Besides, the minimum turning radius of only 5.2m allows the car to make a turn in narrow urban areas.  

With multiple enhanced soundproofing and sound absorption panels around the body, Xpander 2020 offers an outstanding soundproofing capability in the segment. Thanks to that, customers can experience the quietness and comfort inside the vehicle. 

Advanced safety 

The vehicle is equipped with modern safety equipment, minimizing risk and protecting passengers during any journey:  

  • Anti-lock Brake System & Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (ABS-EBD): The combination of the anti-lock braking system and electronic brake-force distribution ensures the smooth operation of the vehicle on slippery roads by increasing the braking efficiency and decreasing the braking distance. 
  • Brake Assist (BA): Increase braking force when the driver has to hit the brake immediately. 
  • Active Stability Control (ASC): The system enhances the stability and minimizes the possibility of accidents when the vehicle is in operation. 
  • Traction Control System (TCL): Boost the vehicle’s stability and control on slippery terrain.  
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA): Prevent the car from sliding backward when stopping and departing on a steep slope. 
  • Emergency Stop Signal (ESS): The system emits warning signals when braking suddenly to ensure that people can notice them early, take appropriate handling measures, and stay safe. 
  • Rear-view camera: Enhance visibility and guarantee safe backing. 

RISE is the “key” that helps Xpander maintain maximum safety. The RISE made of super high strength steel, which limited the impact on the passengers inside during a collision while providing stability when cornering or moving at high speed. 

“Mitsubishi Xpander 2020 – XCEED EVERY XPECTION” – The ideal multi-purpose vehicle for families 

MMV distributes Xpander 2020 in Vietnam in a variety of colors for customer choices: black, white, silver, and brown.  

Possessing valuable upgrades in terms of the exterior – interior design with modern entertainment system, Xpander AT 2020 has an attractive listed price of only VND 630,000,000. From now until July 31st, 2020, customers who buy Xpander will receive a special promotion – one-year physical insurance of up to VND 10,000,000. 

Details regarding the retail price of Xpander 2020: 




Model  Price Promotion
Xpander AT  630.000.000  One year physical insurance

The new Xpander 2020 is available at MMV’s authorized dealers nationwide and is ready to deliver immediately to customers. 

The main message “XCEED EVERY EXPECTATION” demonstrates by choosing key features and many utilities to satisfy users’ actual needs. Mitsubishi Xpander 2020 ensures to keep bringing values in line with customers’ expectations, especially to become a reliable companion for families or customers who need to upgrade from sedans.

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