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Since its establishment, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam’s motto had always been putting customer safety and satisfaction first and listening to provide the highest quality services and products.

With that goal in mind, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) organized the final round of Mitsubishi’s 12th Service Skill Competition Festival at Mitsubishi Vietnam Plant in Binh Duong Province and Mitsubishi Phuong Nguyen Dealer on March 05 – 06, 2023.

This was a periodically competition festival held by Mitsubishi that gave nationwide Mitsubishi Dealer system Service staff a chance to exchange experience, therefore, improve their knowledge, skills, and professional qualifications. This would later be applied to their practical work, ensuring that customers always received the best quality and services.

This was also an opportunity for Mitsubishi to re-evaluate the company training activities at MMV dealers and promptly make changes and supplement to improve their skills and knowledges. The approach would be an ideal solution for dealers to meet the market requirements, therefore provide to customers, who had been trusting MMV services and products positive experience.

Theory Exam


At this 12th Competition Festival, there were 03 main categories of Service Consultant, Quick Maintenance Technician and Troubleshooting Technician.

Service Consultant Exam
Quick Service Maintenance Technician Exam

The competition was well-received by contestant from 47 Mitsubishi dealers nationwide. After the preliminary round, 24 candidates with the best results have been selected for the Final Round.

After two challenging days of the competition, the 12 most excellent individuals of 3 categories had been chosen.  

No. Category Rank Contestant Dealer
1 Service Consultant First Place Lê Đình Oanh 19-5 Thanh Hóa
2 Second Place Nguyễn Quốc Trưởng Phương Nguyên
3 Third Place Nguyễn Thành Vinh Fimexco Nam Auto
4 Quick Maintenance Technician First Place

Second Place

Nguyễn Trường Giang Phương Nguyên
5 Nguyễn Hoàng Sơn
6 Third Place

First Place

Lò Văn Sơn Việt Hồng
7 Nguyễn Văn Tuấn
8 Second Place Đinh Văn Ngà Kim Liên Quảng Bình
9 Lê Hồng Nam
10 Troubleshooting Technician First Place Nguyễn Viết Hồ Fimexco Nam Auto
11 Second Place Phan Tuấn Khánh Phương Nguyên
12 Third Place Nguyễn Trọng Tân Isamco Bình Triệu

Besides the highest mentioned prizes, consolation prizes were awarded, along with the festival medals to 12 outstanding contestants at the Final Round ceremony.

This festival was also a proof of MMV’s commitment of the company continuous effort to improve service quality, provide customers with the highest satisfaction and enhance Mitsubishi Motors brand reputation in Vietnam.

Category award ceremony was held: 

Service Consultant Category
Troubleshooting Technician Category
Quick Maintenance Category

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