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Thanks to the success of the 2 versions – Attrage CVT and Attrage MT introduced in early 2020, Mitsubishi Attrage has received much attention and love from customers. In order to meet the practical needs and increase the choices for users, on February 22, 2021, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) introduces the New Attrage CVT Premium version with a number of valuable upgrades. 

Mitsubishi Attrage 2020 was introduced by Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam in Vietnam in March 2020 with 2 upgraded versions CVT and MT. The model had an impressive new look, a breakthrough in the Dynamic Shield design style, variety of improvements in interior and exterior design and together with upgraded amenities but still possessed an attractive price. To meet the increasing expectations and demands of consumers, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam introduces the New Attrage CVT Premium version, which further completes the product portfolio. The version is an additional choice for imported, more comfortable, safer and more valuable Japanese-brand Sedans. 

Safer – Drive with peace of mind to conquer all journeys 

Always focusing on ensuring the safety of all passengers, minimizing unfortunate accidents and helping customers feel secure to drive to conquer all roads is Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam’s goal. New Attrage CVT Premium is supplemented with a series of safety systems to assist the driver the most: 

  • Active Stability Control (ASC) helps to maintain control of the vehicle in adverse weather conditions and emergencies 
  • The Hill Start Assist (HSA) helps the driver to easily control the car when stopping or parking on slopes 
  • The Brake Assist System (BA) enhances the driver’s braking force in case of emergency braking, ensuring safety for users and vehicles. 
  • Seat belt reminder for front seats function 

At the same time, New Attrage CVT Premium possesses various other standard safety equipment such as: Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Pretensioner and Force-limiter, double airbags, ISO-FIX child seat hooks, Rear View System, etc… to help the driver with better sight and be more confident in complicated traffic conditions. 

The RISE chassis is the “key” to help Attrage 2021 maintain optimum safety and help minimize vehicle weight. Constructed of high-rigidity super-steel material, the RISE chassis not only limits impact on the inside of the car in case of collisions, but also provides stability when cornering or moving at high speeds. 

More comfortable – Comfort and relaxation on every journey 

New Attrage CVT Premium owns a series of useful new utilities that promise to bring customers a great experience with spacious and sophisticated space and top-of-the-line equipment. 

As a customer-centric car, to bring comfort to users at the smallest details, New Mitsubishi Attrage CVT Premium is equipped with additional amenities such as: Auto lighting control –  not only provides modern and classy but also plenty of convenience to the driver; Auto rain wiper –  automatically turns on / off the wiper as well as controls the appropriate wiper speed, ensuring the best visibility in bad weather conditions, helping the driver to have better sights and concentrate while driving; Cruise Control system – supports the driver to easily control speed and makes driving more comfortable and relaxed, especially on highways and long journeys. 

The Attrage’s interior space is spacious, leading in the segment with up to 2,002mm in length, ensuring the highest comfort and convenience for passengers. Attrage’s luggage compartment has a large capacity (450 liters) that can accommodate many luggage to perfectly meet the needs of daily transport or family weekend trips. 

More valuable – Optimized cost of use 

Fuel economy is the most important performance criterion that the small sedan segment customers are interested in. The function helps to significantly reduce operating costs. 

Mitsubishi Attrage owns a 1.2L engine with MIVEC technology that is the “core” in optimizing the power and controlling the air distribution system to help the engine achieve maximum efficiency, increase power and torque and still save fuel. The intelligent operation mechanism of the CVT INVECS gearbox will adjust the gearshift in accordance with the driver’s style to limit fuel consumption. In addition, the RISE chassis is made of a hard but light material, which increases the ability to protect against crashes, reduces loads and helps Attrage to reduce fuel consumption, ensuring the car outstanding fuel-saving capability. This was demonstrated through the challenge of fuel economy – Eco Drive Challenge 2020. Mitsubishi Attrage achieved impressive achievements with a record of 3.15L / 100km. 

New Attrage CVT Premium – Ideal choice for first time car buyers 

With the message of “A real start”, the CVT Premium version of New Attrage – with the highlight of the delicate 2-tone alloy wheels, promises to satisfy the real needs of consumers with reasonable price, durable operation, safe standards, and optimal fuel economy. The New Attrage CVT Premium will be the right choice for customers who are looking for a car for their new journeys. 

Possessing preeminent values, New Attrage CVT Premium has an attractive listing price of 485,000,000 million VND. This is a suitable price for first-time car buyers. Especially, in the period from now until the end of February 28, 2021, customers will receive preferential support of 50% of the registration fee, worth up to VND 24 million. 

Along with the addition of the Attrage CVT Premium version, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is currently distributing in Vietnam 3 versions in colors: gray, red and white: 

Version  MSRP (VAT included) 
Attrage MT  375.000.000 
Attrage CVT  460.000.000 
New Attrage CVT Premium  485.000.000 

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