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Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is committed to bringing more quality and diverse products to customers. On July 16, 2020, the company officially introduces the XPANDER CROSS, which promises to bring completely new and interesting experiences to customers through the harmonious combination of modern SUV style and the practical and sophisticated utilities of a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

Not only inheriting the strengths of Mitsubishi Motors such as the leading ability to operate in a durable, safe and fuel-saving manner, XPANDER CROSS also demonstrates its own identity with a cool appearance that highlights the strong SUV style. The segment’s top-of-the-range high ground clearance provides outstanding cross-country and amphibious capabilities, while maintaining the driving pleasure of an SUV.

XPANDER CROSS satisfies users by its spacious interior, smooth operation and effortless gear change, along with a range of utilities inside. The youthful and modern interior of the car offers the perfect color combination of two unique brown and black tones, with decorative carbon motifs on the dashboard and door trim panels. Based on the philosophy of “Omotenashi” symbolizing the spirit of Japanese hospitality, XPANDER CROSS aims to meet the most practical needs of customers.

Stylish and strong SUV style design

Focusing on young customers, XPANDER CROSS adopts a robust Dynamic Shield front-end design, combined with the new steering wheel and bumper design that enhance the SUV style while bringing youthfulness and personality for the vehicle.

The front of the XPANDER CROSS is solid and robust with vertical design lines. Full LED headlights are close to natural light, and not only supports safe night driving, but also emphasizes the luxury of the car. The high position of the lamps gives a wider and farther spread of the light. In addition, LED fog lamps are integrated into the front bumper to provide a stronger feeling.

SUV-styling element on the XPANDER CROSS is also reflected in the design of the solid and firm body of the vehicle. Protective cover carries bold SUV characteristic and at the same time, protects the body from scratching when driving on rough roads. Fenders and large wheel panels enhance the stability of the lower part of the vehicle. In particular, the best part on the side of the car is a large size wheel of up to 17 inches with a stylized 5-spokes design that brings a sporty and powerful feeling. It comes with roof rails for a SUV look and feel as well as extra loading capacity.

At the rear, the XPANDER CROSS makes great impression thanks to the adjacent panels on the rear bumper with contrasting colors to create a more muscular and well-built visual. Especially, with the unique L-shaped LED rear lamp, the car becomes more attractive and unique. In addition, the XPANDER CROSS is also equipped with modern shark fin antennas to increase the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Authentic 7-seat interior with comfort

The Mitsubishi XPANDER CROSS length, width and height are respectively 4,500mm x 1,800mm x 1,750mm. Thanks to the ideal wheelbase, XPANDER CROSS 2020 gives users a spacious and comfortable space inside.

To demonstrate customer-centric mindset of the brand, “Omotenashi” philosophy applies in the interior design of the XPANDER CROSS. The car facilities are refined and luxurious. Customers will instantly feel the luxury when entering the car:

  • High-class leather seats with dynamic two-tone color
  • Exquisite decorative pattern with carbon motifs
  • Leather steering wheel and gear shift in brown color matching the luxurious interior

The XPANDER CROSS is also equipped with a number of facilities such as 7-inch DVD touchscreen with Android AutoTM/ Apple CarPlayTM to give passengers a more enjoyable entertainment experience; dual air conditioners, 2nd row  and 3rd row’s air conditioners for even cooling in every position of the cabin; hands-free phone; security alarm function; keyless operation system/ start stop engine button; power window, 12-volt power outlets for all 3 rows of seats.

Easy operation and conquering capability of an SUV-style car

The XPANDER CROSS is powered by a 1.5L MIVEC engine. The MIVEC engine helps to increase the capacity which allows the vehicle to operate efficiently while optimally exploiting the segment’s leading fuel efficiency.

Clear visibility: Thanks to the high ground clearance, the XPANDER CROSS has a high sitting position that provides a clearer view for the driver. This is useful with heavy traffic and obstacles on the road conditions, thereby helping the driver to travel in tight urban areas with confidence.

Easy to navigate on difficult roads and flooded areas: Thanks to the highest ground clearance of 225 mm in the segment, the XPANDER CROSS is capable of wading up to 400mm. Decent approach and exit angles (22,40 và 28,10) offers an advantage of passing obstacles over a variety of terrains. The sturdy and tall chassis system on the XPANDER CROSS provides better ability on rougher or flooded roads. Despite the high ground clearance, the focus of the XPANDER CROSS is still very appropriate thanks to the more refined suspension system.

The refined suspension system, including MacPherson Strut Suspension with Coil Spring and Torsion Beam Suspension, has sturdy structure, which suits sporty driving feeling and provides the Mitsubishi XPANDER CROSS with better ability on rougher roads. Shock absorbers, springs and wheel angle positions have been reconfigured to reduce vibration and help stabilize the vehicle.

The XPANDER CROSS is equipped with cruise control system to help maintain a stable speed without stepping on the pedal, making driving more comfortable and relaxing especially on long journeys.

Thanks to its flexible and stable operation, the XPANDER CROSS gives users a contented driving experience, meeting daily travel needs or long distance trips, especially suitable for adventures or weekend outings.

Optimal safety – Perfect soundproofing on every journey

The Mitsubishi XPANDER CROSS is equipped with exclusive RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) chassis technology together with a range of standard safety technologies to help the driver control every journey with confidence:

  • Safe brake system (ABS-EBD): Anti-lock braking system combined with electronic brake force distribution system helps the car operate well on slippery roads by increasing braking efficiency and shortening braking distance.
  • Brake Assist (BA) system: helps to increase the braking force when the driver has to step on the brake pedal quickly.
  • Active Stability Control (ASC): increases body stability and minimizes the possibility of accidents when the vehicle is in operation.
  • Traction Control system (TCL): helps increase vehicle stability and better control on slippery terrains.
  • Hill Start Assist system (HSA): prevents the vehicle from drifting back in case of stopping and departing on a steep slope.
  • Emergency Stop Signal system (ESS): emits dangerous warning signals in case of sudden brakes ensuring early detection for appropriate handling measures and safety maintenance.
  • Pretensioner with force limiter: the seat belts will tighten themselves to protect drivers and passengers in case of a collision.

The XPANDER CROSS also provides superior sound insulation by the arrangement of enhanced soundproofing and sound absorption materials around the car. As a result, customers can feel great tranquility and comfort on every trip.

“The Mitsubishi XPANDER CROSS – BE COOL AT A NEW LEVEL” – the ideal car for young and bold customers

Possessing a strong, sporty and edgy SUV design for outstanding style on the street, accompanied by modern utilities, standard safety equipment and flexible operation, the Mitsubishi XPANDER CROSS is the perfect companion to experience breakthroughs in life. With the message “BE COOL AT A NEW LEVEL”, the XPANDER CROSS will be a new choice for young customers who love to express themselves.

The XPANDER CROSS in Vietnam is available in 4 colors including new color Orange besides 3 current colors: White, Black and Silver.

Retail price:

Retail Price (VAT included) Promotion

1 travel voucher valued at 10,000,000VND

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