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To enhance the experience of service and customer care quality, on November 28, 2022, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam officially launched the Mitsubishi Connect+ application. This was a car management application with plenty of utilities such as checking maintenance schedules, finding dealer locations, booking service appointments, sending feedback to the company, etc. that helps customers to track conveniently and easily car status and vehicle care as well as to receive authorized information or promotion updates.

Mitsubishi Connect+ application main functions included vehicle management, service management, loyalty program, interaction with Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam and Mitsubishi Authorized Dealer search. With the service management feature, customers were able to track the history and check the vehicle maintenance progress easily. The application would automatically send notifications to remind users of important vehicle milestones such as periodic maintenance, insurance expiration, etc. Besides, customers could search for the nearest authorized Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam dealer quickly thanks to the GPS system and book a service appointment right on the application.

Besides the Mitsubishi Connect+ application, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam also introduced a loyalty program exclusively for Mitsubishi car owners. Accordingly, customers would receive refunds of 2-5% of the payment cost after each authorized service use such as replacement of spare parts, lubricants, etc. Reward points can be accumulated in various ways such as using genuine services, referring and/or making new Mitsubishi cars purchases. Corresponding to the number of bonus points received, customers could choose to redeem Service Coupons for the next service use, or Got It Gift Vouchers for shopping, entertainment purposes, …

With a flexible interface and diversity of smart features integrated with a loyalty program, the Mitsubishi Connect+ application promised to bring great experiences while driving and managing vehicles. Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam hoped that Mitsubishi Connect+ was not only a vehicle management application software, but also a reliable companion that brought convenience and necessary information to Mitsubishi car owners.

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