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Jan 10, 2024, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam officially premieres the all-new XFORCE – a class-B SUV by Mitsubishi Motors.

The all-new XFORCE was developed with a focus on the way compact SUVs are used in the ASEAN region in general, and in Vietnam in particular. The SUV was developed based on the results of a thorough research on customer habits to answer the needs of drivers and has gone through repeated tuning on over 4,000km in Vietnam and 10,000km in the ASEAN region across varieties of terrains, traffic, and weather conditions.

With the positioning “BEYOND EXPECTATIONS”, XFORCE is the best-suited buddy for an exciting life with plenty of outstanding characteristics. Understanding the market requirements for compact SUVs, Mitsubishi Motors developed XFORCE with three core values, including EXCITEMENT – COMFORT – PRACTICALITY and is the ideal car model that meets three important criteria: impressive design, outstanding comfort, and high applicability.

Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam introduces four versions of XFORCE containing GLX, Exceed, Premium, and Ultimate, fully meeting the needs of daily travel and adventures.


XFORCE is a model that brings the three values of Excitement – Comfort – Practicality to life and is the best-suited buddy for an active life with outstanding characteristics in the segment:

  • EXCITEMENT: XFORCE exceeds all the limits of class-B SUV segment and brings out exciting driving experience:
    • An exterior with powerful and authentic SUV design with top-class outstanding overall size
    • A sophisticated, and spacious interior with a cutting-edge feel
  • COMFORT: XFORCE is a wide-ranging user-friendly car for comfortable trips, helping customers to release their pressure and stressfulness, relax, and enjoy more
    • A spacious interior room among the best in class
    • Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium sound system for immersive sound experience
    • 3-inch Smartphone-link Display Audio (SDA) and 8-inch digital driver display offering intuitive operation
    • Dual-zone automatic air conditioner system with nanoe™X technology bringing fresh, and clean air while protecting users health
    • Seats with eight-levels of reclining adjustment, accommodating a wide range of needs in every conditions
    • Versatile storage spaces and multi-arrange cargo space
  • PRACTICALITY: Road handling offering safe, secure ride in various weather or road conditions, including rough or flooded roads
    • 5L engine and high-efficiency CVT providing desirable performance, fuel economy and quietness
    • Well-tuned suspension for ride comfort on Vietnam roads
    • Class-leading ground clearance of 222 mm
    • Four drive modes including a new Wet mode as a Mitsubishi Motors first
    • Driver assistance systems for increased peace of mind


With a stylish, modern yet powerful design, XFORCE is the ideal car of the B-class SUV segment.

Modern and strong imprints of the new-generation Dynamic Shield design language

XFORCE has an exterior authentic SUV design based on the concept of Silky & Solid

The upper part of the body expresses an airy silkiness with a floating roof and a sleek surface that begins from the logo emblem up front and flows along the side to the rear. The lower part of the body is solid and powerful thanks to the muscular fender flares.

At the front, the Dynamic Shield front face has been evolved in line with the design concept. Here, the design consisting of left and right bumpers that protect the front grille has a sense of depth. The LED daytime running lights combine an L-shape with slitted accents to emit light in an iconic T-shape, making the SUV instantly recognizable.

On the body sides, the muscular surfaces combine with character lines to express the strength and dynamism of the SUV. By adopting the same T-shaped design for the LED tail lights as the front, the rear attains a wide and stable look.

Impressive overall length, approaching the C-class segment

XFORCE has a class-leading overall length of 4,390mm. Thanks to this, the SUV maintains a spacious interior space and creates a wide, sporty, and sturdy exterior stance.

Top-class ground clearance of 222 mm for confidence even on rough roads

*Applies to models not equipped with mud flaps

With an 18-inch tire and wheel, the XFORCE achieves a ground clearance of 222mm, which is on a par with the best in its class. Due to this, the SUV offers better road gripping, allowing peace of mind when driving on a rough, bumpy road surface or a flooded road.

With an approach angle and departure angle at 21.0 degrees and 30.5 degrees, respectively, the XFORCE operates flexibly on multiple terrains, even on high curbs. And with a minimum turning radius of 5.2 m that is one of the smallest in its class, the XFORCE offers excellent handling in crowded urban areas as well as on narrow roads.


Sophisticated design with a cutting-edge feel

Mitsubishi Motors adopted the “Horizontal Axis” design concept, the latest brand recognition of the future generation models for XFORCE interior. The instrument panel spreads horizontally. The Mocha color combined with “Horizontal Axis” concept brings the luxury facet to the car’s interior space.

A notable highlight is the mélange fabric of the padding of the instrument panel. The highly practical fabric exudes modernity and sophistication while being resistant to stains. In case of occurrence, stains can be easily cleaned with regular tissue paper.

Interior lighting colors are also carefully selected and delicately arranged to increase the elegance of the interior space.

A spacious interior room among the best in class

XFORCE possesses the largest overall dimensions in the segment, with length, width, and height of 4,390 x 1,810 x 1,660 mm, respectively. The spacious front seats and shoulder-rest design bring a comfortable feeling. The seats provide both support and comfort, thereby preventing lateral body movement in situations such as lane changes and on rough roads, while enabling passengers to relax comfortably even in traffic jams.

For the rear seats, close attention was paid to. The rear seats boast ample legroom and offer comfort even with three passengers in the back.

The 3-spoke steering wheel is integrated with multi-function control keys to allow users to conveniently manipulate and operate the vehicle. The ability to accurately turn or steer the XFORCE steering wheel gives the driver confidence on every journey.


Modern driving experience with sizable entertainment screen, for everyday comfortable journey

XFORCE comes equipped with a large 12.3-inch entertainment screen, and 8-inch digital driver display offering intuitive operation:

The 12.3-inch entertainment screen is divided into three sections and uses multi widgets to display various information on a single screen. The multimeter display pays homage to the triple meter that was used in the legendary Pajero, and combines information including altitude, tilt angle, and direction. Furthermore, other features include Mitsubishi Motors’ first driving score function, which was developed with Hiroshi Masuoka, a former two-time Dakar Rally champion driver, helping drivers deeply understand and maintain safe and fuel-efficient driving habits.

The digital driver display clearly shows a wide variety of important and useful content, such as performance, fuel, and drivetrain parameters. When the driver switches drive modes, a graphic indicating the selected drive mode is shown, making it easy to intuitively select the drive mode without distracting while driving. Drivers can also select the screen display modes on their preference. The speedometer face and car graphic when starting up are also modern and sophisticated in design.

Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium System for greater excitement

For the first time, the XFORCE comes equipped with Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium developed in collaboration with Yamaha Corporation. The system is comprised of eight speakers, with front tweeters on the A-pillars on both sides, woofers in the front doors, and coaxial two-way speakers in the rear doors. In order to maximize speaker performance, measures have been taken to optimize sound quality in the car itself. With volume and sound quality adjusted according to vehicle speed, passengers can enjoy the best music experience. The sound system also offers four sound types that can be selected according to musical taste and mood – Lively, Signature, Powerful and Relaxing.

Optimized seats for better comfort

XFORCE is equipped with 5 seats and 8 different reclining levels, suitable for all ages in the family. The front seats are designed to provide similar feeling with a race car, combined with side bolsters, helping to maintain comfort and stability when driving through zigzag roads. The flat rear seat design allows a comfortable and enjoyable long ride even with three passengers, with numerous outstanding amenities compared to other models of the same segment.

The car is equipped with delicate and luxurious leather seats with heat-resistant material, ensuring maximum comfort in all-weather situations, especially during hot days. This upgrade also limits wear and makes the seaters easier to clean.

Convenient and optimal electric tailgate

The intelligent Electrical Tailgate & Kick motion feature on XFORCE offers convenience and ease of operation to the users.

All-new nanoe™X air conditioning system and air filtration function

XFORCE comes equipped with the Dual-zone Automatic Air Conditioner System that allows the driver and front passenger to freely adjust.

XFORCE’s rear air vent system ensures that all passengers in the vehicle enjoy a cool and comfortable atmosphere. The Max Cool mode cools the interior space quickly on hot days combined with the Driver knee air vent to create an effective air flow. The nanoe™X air filtration function ensures that air quality is maintained in the car, minimizing harms to health.

XFORCE enhances the convenience of the storage compartment with integrated air-conditioning vents, helping to preserve cool drinks and food throughout the journey, even on long trips.

Versatile storage spaces and cargo space

XFORCE offers convenient storage space in many locations around the vehicle. It has drink holders able to accommodate a total of 21 plastic drinks bottles (600 ml capacity type) in multiple places, such as below the center armrest. Various storage spaces are secured for smartphones, with a wireless charger in the center console, USB Type-A and Type-C ports on the front and rear rows, as well as spaces to place a smartphone in each seat.

By securing floor area that is among the best in its class and making the floor of the cargo space height-adjustable, the Xforce provides sufficient cargo room for large items or bulky luggage. The rear seats can be arranged in 40:20:40, creating more storage space while still ensuring passenger comfort.

The SUV also has a variety of compartments, drawers and storage bags to help easily organize or find objects.


High-efficiency CVT and well-tuned suspension system for low fuel consumption and quietness

A high-efficiency CVT combined with a proven 1.5L MIVEC engine achieves a feeling of power and responsiveness in acceleration while being fuel-efficient.

The suspension system of the car is tuned to increase control and stability when driving on all types of terrains.

XFORCE provides good steering feel and steering stability thanks to the optimal adjustment of the caster tilt angle as well as the steering return speed by improving the gear ratio of the steering system. The rear suspension system also contributes to providing a stable driving feel thanks to connection points optimization and shock absorber cylinder size increase.

Four drive modes including a new Wet mode as a Mitsubishi Motors first

The four drive modes of Normal, Wet, Gravel, and Mud can be selected depending on the road conditions. Adopted by Mitsubishi Motors for the first time, the Wet mode improves cornering and stability on wet roads during rain makes it less likely to lose control of the steering wheel for worry-free driving on wet roads during rain or slippery roads.

Active Yaw Control (AYC)  and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The XFORCE comes equipped with AYC (Active Yaw Control) system to enhance control and brake force when drifting or cornering, ensuring stability in all situations as well as providing broad field of vision and excellent visibility. This brings confidence and peace of mind to the drivers while driving on all terrains.

Especially, XFORCE is equipped with advanced active safety technologies including Mitsubishi Motors Safety Sensing (MMSS), Collision Mitigation, Brake Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain safety, Blind Spot Warning (with Lane Change Assist function) and all smart advanced driver assistance technologies to guarantee the best experience throughout the journey. 

Price list and promotions

Version Color
GLX Black, White, Red
Exceed Black, White, Red, Gray
Premium Black, White, Red, Gray, Yellow
Ultimate Black, White, Red – Black, Yellow – Black

About Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam:

Established in 1994 as an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Motors Japan in Vietnam – Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam was one of the first automobile joint-ventures in this market.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the market and the message “Drive your Ambition”, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is always committed to the values and aspirations of the company in the future to customers. We are proud to deliver outstanding performance cars with advanced safety equipment.

Currently, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is distributing 6 models in Vietnam:

  • 5-seater: Attrage, Xforce
  • 7-seater: Xpander, Xpander Cross, Outlander, Pajero Sport
  • Pick-up: Triton

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