Reason to use genuine parts

We have the ability to do that because we are “Mitsubishi.”

Brake temperature is up to 400oC able to 500oC. Accumulate experiences from the international World Rally Championship (WRC) and the Dakar Rally, Mitsubishi has developed technology and apply in the production of Mitsubishi genuine parts. And these brake pads meets the requirements of the severe tests for reliability and optimum operating characteristics.

Genuine Parts give confidence

  1. Stability: stable braking performance at different speeds.
  2. Thermal withstand stable braking performance at various temperatures.
  3. Resistance to abrasion: the optimal balance between braking efficiency and resistance to abrasion on the usage conditions and different environments.

Why does this situation happen?

Friction brake pads used to stop the car. So when the brake pads are worn, friction is reduced and braking stopping distance increases.

When replacing brake pads?

Brakes noise could occur when you apply a brake. It is a sign of worn brake pads. You should quickly bring your car to the authorized dealer of MMV to replace brake pads. Even when you cannot hear any sound from the brakes system, we recommend that you regularly take your car to an MMV’s authorized dealer for checking.

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