Prevent trouble before it happens
The impurities include metal particles found in fuels for cars. Mitsubishi genuine filter will block and remove the impurity to assist in the smooth flow of fuel and protect the engine from being damaged.

Genuine Parts give confidence

  1. Filter efficiency: high-efficiency filter capable of removing particles smaller impurities.
  2. Filter’s surface: The filter is tight rolled in a small space but having large filter surface area.
  3. Filter structure: The fuel filter has a special structure for prenventing the clog to extend the life of filter.

Why does this situation happen ?

The genuine fuel filter must ensure to catch the most complicated dust in the fuel. The fuel volume could be reduced because of a clog filter. In such case, it could damage other engine’s parts, such as high pressure pump which is the heart of diesel engine.

When replacing fuel filter ?

The fuel filter is mounted in a position difficult to observe and clogged filters symptoms only become apparent over time. Therefore, it’s hard to detect the damage in the primary period. Therefore, we recommend you to bring to MMV’s authorized dealers for periodical check.

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