Originally developed for Mitsubishi engines

Engine oil used for lubrication, cooling and prevent rust in the engine. Mitsubishi genuine oil filter’s ability to fulfill and maintain the engine oil in the engine is always the best operating condition at all times.

Genuine Parts give confidence

  1. Efficiency Filter: Filter will retain particles smaller than one micro-met.
  2. Filter Area: The filter has a large filter surface area and the ability to absorb impurities
  3. Tightness: Filter retain dirty oil from leaking out

Why does this situation happen ?

Due to the oil filter is designed to remove impurities to maintain the cleanliness of the engine oil, after a period of use, oil filter will be clogged. If this is happened, a volume of engine oil will bypass the oil filter. Dirty oil could enter the engine lubrication system and cause overheating or serious damage to the engine.

When replacing oil filter ?

If the dirty oil filter does not be replaced, the new engine oil would not have the best effective. And there is no way to check the oil filter is clogged or not? Hence the need to periodically replace oil filter after every 5,000km, together with engine oil replacing at an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam.

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