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Clean-Diesel MIVEC 2.4L

The engine made of aluminum alloy reduces weight combined with a low compression ratio to reduce vibration, increase power and optimize fuel efficiency.

6 Speed automatic transmission with sport mode

Enhance flexibility when shifting gears; more exciting.


Which employs an electric actuator to facilitate switching between different drive modes and a center differential with a default 40:60 front/rear torque split. This 4WD system provides optimum traction at each wheel for different road conditions as well as delivering outstanding handling characteristics.
Available for 4WD. Moreover 4HLc or 4LLc are there to serve Off-Road condition as well.

The electrically-controlled rear differential lock

The Electrically-Controlled Rear Differential Lock has a button on the central console for you to activate it to send equal engine power to both rear wheels. It works with the Center Differential Lock so you can drive through rugged terrain with ease.

Outstanding off-road ability

The ground clearance is up to 220mm, and the large exit angle helps the car easily overcome complex terrain.

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